Weekend Camp for Women, Mothers and Others, of ANY Age or Shape. 2 for 1 Expiring 6/27/10. I’m In!

15 years ago, Patti Londre attended Camp GetAway as a guest, and loved it so much, she bought it!   It takes place in Angelus Oaks, in Southern California’s beautiful San Bernardino Mountains. This is NOT hard-core camping, ladies! Real bathrooms, HOT private showers, electric outlets. Rustic, heated cabins with several bunkrooms each; peaceful decks. To bunk with your friends, register early!  This is good old fashioned camp fun.  Yoga, archery, seminars, karaoke, scrapbooking, dance class, tie dye, chick flicks.

Facility Photos

Do Everything (or nothing)

Website for Camp Getaway

It occurs on Friday, October 1 to Sunday, October 3rd to noon shortly after brunch.

Accommodations for the disabled or with special needs.   Patti’s running a promo that expires on June 27 – Two for one, in other words, $295 for two women!  That includes lodging, 5 meals and all activities with exception of spa treatments. See site for info on those. Modest fees apply for some crafts.  I called my girlfriend I’ve known since high school (Van Nuys High, 1969 – go Wolverines!) and we’re going!

If you just want to attend, it’s $295 (still worth it, wouldn’t you say?)  until August 15th, then price goes up.  Patti says its common when women come up alone, but they don’t stay alone for long, unless they want to.  “I came alone and left with friendships that will last a lifetime.”  Amy B, Tempe

Weather: October: days 65°-75°   nights 40°-65°

If you have dietary needs, just let them know.  Note: the sample itinery shows canoeing, but from October until the summer, it’s not available.

Honestly, at $150 each, you can’t go wrong.  Grab your mother, your daughter, friend, niece, aunt, a stranger on the street – just go!

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