Fresh & Easy-10 exciting reasons why it’s the go-to place to shop for families

Sharlene Earnshaw, writer for the Lake Forest Patch, wrote a very good article on Fresh & Easy with information I didn’t even know, and I shop there!  It includes one perk that I’ve never seen before — preferred parking for adults with children.   Hmmm, I don’t have children.  Anyone interested in renting out one of yours for an hour or so? 🙂

The new Fresh & Easy in Lake Forest is located at El Toro Road and Trabuco.

Early Mission Viejo advertising new homes

Off the I-5, an old freeway billboard advertising a new southern California town, Mission Viejo.

“The California Promise” and “It’s so nice to have Mission Viejo around the house” were slogans used to attract prospective homeowners to take a chance out in the sticks for a pleasant little community that would offer all the best in southern California living.

Free movie “The Great Debaters”, MV City Hall Sunday, Feb 20th. Award-winning screenwriter will be there.

2:00pm at Mission Viejo City Hall Council Chambers.  Click for movie details.  If you’re a Denzel Washington or screenwriter Robert Eisele fan, you’re in for a treat.  Did I mention it was free?

Milos Cafe–a dog-friendly, healthy restaurant opening soon in Lake Forest

I can’t wait for the opening of Milos Cafe!   The owner, Scott Sellman, projects the opening for 2-3 weeks from now.  Take a look at the partial menu!  Once you go to that page, you can download the full menu.  Scott’s inspiration for this restaurant is his love for animals, good food, and health consciousness.

Listen to what a cool thing he’s doing. On the patio will be two pens for dogs to play, one for larger dogs, the other for smaller dogs.  Rescue groups will be invited to bring their dogs to play in the pens as well, allowing them a chance for adoption.  Customers who are considering adoption can see how their dog gets along with a rescue dog of interest. Both customers and rescue groups using the pens will be required to sign releases that their dogs have been vaccinated and will be responsible for the dogs’  behavior.

He’s attracted a great chef, Michael Pedersen, who has a wealth of credentials, including Planet Hollywood, HI; Riviera Country Club, Pacific Palisades; Hotel Nikko, Culinary Concepts, and more.

Scott has created strong relationships with dog charities all because of the adoption of his two dogs on the same day, Milo and Jake.  Milo is a mix of American Bulldog and Sharpei.  Jake is a pug, and both were adopted on the same day in February, 2009.  Brave dad!  Both are graduates of PetSmart obedience school, but Jake has aspirations to be an actor and furthered his education by attending Hollywood Paws in, where else?  Hollywood.

Their passion is poker.




These dogs are very hip and today, sharing a Facebook page with Scott.  Go over and ‘like’ them and keep updated on their interesting lives and Milos Cafe news.

Milos Cafe location:  26771 Rancho Parkway, Lake Forest.

Do you have questions you need answered related to the death of a loved one?

Tim BraunNow, I know this is not for everyone, but for those interested, Tim Braun is an internationally-known psychic medium in South OC.  A medium has the rare ability to communicate with those who have passed on.

Tim will be shooting a pilot for a television show.  For the purpose of this taping, he is looking for interesting stories, and people who have a need to see a medium, who need the questions answered.

For example:

Do you have unfinished business or know someone who does?
Do you have a loved one who died without telling you something?
Do you need the answers to the death of your loved one?
Do you know someone who was murdered?

Send your story along with a picture of all the people involved to

If selected, you will receive a free sitting with Tim.  This taping will not air on television. It’s strictly for screen test options only.

The link to his website is so you can learn more about him.  I know him, and can tell you he is a genuine, caring human being (worked with Mother Teresa and contributes to animal rescue), a very gifted medium (trained with James Van Praagh and other notables), and can help bring peace to your heart with messages that validate your loved one’s presence.

Perhaps this also may be interesting to you.  Tim will be appearing at the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim this Saturday, February 19th, 7pm-9pm for an opportunity to connect with your loved ones that have crossed over.  This demonstration is an ideal platform for individuals to experience a group setting while witnessing what occurs during a private, individual sitting.

For more info:   (714) 533-2311

Cost:  $30 per person prepaid, $40 per person paid at the door.

Learning Light Foundation, 1212 E. Lincoln Ave., Anaheim, CA  92805

He’s also available for a one-hour private reading in person in Costa Mesa, or over the phone, $175. He tapes the reading for you to refer back to later.  (626) 308-1614.  Email:

Reminder-call today to RSVP to test-drive women entrepreneurs group in Tustin tommorrow, 2/17, 11a-1p

Call Ann Baker, the group leader, at (310) 947-1069 or email her at for address/directions and to answer any questions you may have.

You’ll find it a small-ish group,  members friendly, supportive, encouraging, and generous. Dress is anything from very casual on up, but the meeting is structured and run professionally.  Come with a pressing issue we can help you with, or just sit back and take it all in.

Here’s link to original post:

Mission Viejo family vies for HGTV’s free home makeover

Have I ever mentioned what an HGTV-head I am?  Nothing glues me like a great before and after, and there’s no shortage of them on this channel.  My favorite is Designed to Sell – no way they can do what they do in those miserable ‘before’s with only $2000!

Today I read in the Mission Viejo Life Blog about this young family competing for the free home makeover.  They live near Marguerite and Jeronimo, having purchased their home from an elderly woman who purchased the house when it was new — and had not renovated in all that time.  Click here to read the story, and from there, you’ll be able to click on HGTV’s website where the Thomas’ have posted three videos showing each area of greatest need – the backyard, kitchen and master bedroom.  If you agree that this home should be the winner, add your comments after each video so HGTV knows what you think! C’mon, Mission Viejo, let’s show our support for our homeboy and his family.

The homeowner who did the videos, J.T., is very funny and entertaining.  Regardless of the outcome of this contest, he needs to move right on to the next contest and register for the next Design Star show.