Living Green ‘Eco-Conscious’ Nursery Event Thurs, 7/1-Free Food & Cocktails, Kids Activities, Live Music

This is the new nursery that has moved into the well known Laguna Hills Nursery building that opened May 6th.  It’s lovely to walk through, and can’t help but notice there’s something different about it – and there is.   Living Green is where you can come to learn about eco-conscious living, with displays through the influence of an interior decorator, who happens to be the owner, Joanna Perlman along with her husband, David Itzikman, and Randy Smith, one of Southern California’s largest wholesale growers.

This Thursday is their Grand Opening event with festivities from 4pm-9pm.  From 4-6pm, kids can enjoy hands-on gardening, pot painting, and more.

They’ll have the BBQ going offering free, delicious tastings from Living Greens Catering, live flamenco music, give-aways, and demonstrations throughout the evening on:

  • succulent container planting
  • rose maintenance
  • veggie & herb gardening tips

In-store specials are being offered now and run thru next Sunday.

Living Green features a variety of drought tolerant plants and succulents, an array of organic vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees, and beautiful ornamental plants. Overlooking the nursery are fun planting stations where kids and adults can get their hands in the dirt and assemble their own succulent, color, or herb containers.

They’re committed to being a vital and active resource in the community.  Exciting plans include a weekend farmer’s market, exotic bird viewings, and educational, interactive expert seminars and workshops, and field trips for adults and kids.  Justin Galias, the Community Programs Director/Garden Consultant, is there to incorporate The Living Green Philosophy and Mission into classes and activities for the community, which includes community fundraising.  The Organic Youth Learning Project is an ongoing agrotherapeutic special needs service learning project, the goal of which is to provide a safe and educational environment for kids and adults with exceptional needs.  Agrotherapy is a broad and expanding entity in the field of special education.  Jason can be contacted at the nursery or on his cell phone, 714-353-2147.

The place is awesome and I look forward to what the following months will offer.  We’re fortunate they chose the Saddleback Valley to be the home of their community based, forward thinking nursery and garden center.


25290 Jeronimo Road (nearest cross street is El Toro Blvd.)

Lake Forest, CA 92630-4900

Phone: 949-748-4733

Two New Eatery Finds in Ladera Ranch, Both Fantastic!

How about a friendly family restaurant, open 24 hrs/day, serves breakfast anytime, and everything is home made.  I happened by  Corky’s Restaurant and Bakery a few days ago and woohoo, my new go-to casual restaurant.   I had the Pot Roast dinner – out of this world.  Chunks of flavorful, tender beef, and in case you were wondering, no gristle.  Included a large dinner roll (fantastic!), delicious mashed potatoes with gravy, and salad or soup.  I chose the soup of the day, tortilla soup –  home made, fresh, wonderful. $9.99.

Warning!  Their portions are huge. Unless you’re a voracious eater, plan to share it or take some  home with you.  The hot fudge brownie with ice cream is $6.99 but could feed 4 people.  Omelettes?  Haven’t tried one yet, but they use 5 eggs.   They’re not making up for poor quality with quantity – no siree Bob!   It’s the delicious, fresh home cooked meals I remember from my childhood.

Don’t believe  me – read the reviews on their site, found under each of the meal menus on the left column.   I’ll start you off here with their breakfast menu. Click on Read Comments.

27522 Antonio Parkway, Ladera Ranch, 949-364-4439 (located at Crown Valley & Antonio in shopping center on the east side of Antonio).

NEXT UP………..

Jerry’s Wood-Fired Dogs (hot dogs, that is)

This hot dog joint is what I consider to be a wave of new-wave hot dog/sausage eateries opening up lately.  Another one is Berkeley Dog, which I’ve heard is good but haven’t been there yet.  They’re located at 25522 Marguerite Pkwy. #101, Mission Viejo, CA, 92692,  (949) 455-1888. (At Oso & Marguerite near Rubio’s & Del Taco).

At Jerry’s Dogs, I ordered the hot dog with grilled peppers and onions with mushrooms. Probably the best hot dog I’ve every had.  They also serve these hot potato chips, and they’re excellent.  I heard two different customers while I was there exclaim “I just LOVE them!”.

Lots of hot dog/sausage and toppings to choose from.  Here’s their website.

I’m interested to hear your feedback.  If you’ve tried any of these restaurants, including Berkeley Dog, or others in the Saddleback area that deserve a rave, please comment below.

Bob Hope Timeless Melodies Presentation – This Sunday, 6/27 @ 7pm

If you haven’t been attending Larry Maurer’s Timeless Melodies presentations, you have really missed out.  They’re fabulous!  I’ve even enjoyed it when it’s featured someone I didn’t feel particular affinity for.  Plan on coming, and bring someone you think would enjoy it.   Somehow, it just gives you a lift  You won’t be sorry.

In the Mission Viejo Council Chamber this Sunday, June 27th at 7:00 pm for a NEW Timeless Melodies presentation by Larry Maurer: Bob Hope: Memories and Laughs From vaudeville dancer to international celebrity, Bob Hope captured our hearts and made us laugh for over 70 years. Larry traces the wonderful history of America’s greatest comedian. This is one you won’t want to miss. Tickets may be purchased at the door beginning at 6:30 PM for $10.

Weekend Camp for Women, Mothers and Others, of ANY Age or Shape. 2 for 1 Expiring 6/27/10. I’m In!

15 years ago, Patti Londre attended Camp GetAway as a guest, and loved it so much, she bought it!   It takes place in Angelus Oaks, in Southern California’s beautiful San Bernardino Mountains. This is NOT hard-core camping, ladies! Real bathrooms, HOT private showers, electric outlets. Rustic, heated cabins with several bunkrooms each; peaceful decks. To bunk with your friends, register early!  This is good old fashioned camp fun.  Yoga, archery, seminars, karaoke, scrapbooking, dance class, tie dye, chick flicks.

Facility Photos

Do Everything (or nothing)

Website for Camp Getaway

It occurs on Friday, October 1 to Sunday, October 3rd to noon shortly after brunch.

Accommodations for the disabled or with special needs.   Patti’s running a promo that expires on June 27 – Two for one, in other words, $295 for two women!  That includes lodging, 5 meals and all activities with exception of spa treatments. See site for info on those. Modest fees apply for some crafts.  I called my girlfriend I’ve known since high school (Van Nuys High, 1969 – go Wolverines!) and we’re going!

If you just want to attend, it’s $295 (still worth it, wouldn’t you say?)  until August 15th, then price goes up.  Patti says its common when women come up alone, but they don’t stay alone for long, unless they want to.  “I came alone and left with friendships that will last a lifetime.”  Amy B, Tempe

Weather: October: days 65°-75°   nights 40°-65°

If you have dietary needs, just let them know.  Note: the sample itinery shows canoeing, but from October until the summer, it’s not available.

Honestly, at $150 each, you can’t go wrong.  Grab your mother, your daughter, friend, niece, aunt, a stranger on the street – just go!

Laguna Hills Nursery on Jeronimo Has Closed. Now Occupied by Living Green Nursery

This may be old news to some of you since it occurred about 45 days ago, but I just found out and was very surprised.  George and Grace Matsuoka had owned a successful nursery in Pasadena and in 1968, had an opportunity to sell the business.  In 1970, he purchased the property on Jeronimo, starting Laguna Hills Nursery.  George and Grace’s children grew up helping their parents with the nursery, and when the older couple began to experience health problems, their son Gary and his wife, Nancy, took charge in 1994.

Gary started researching and developing his own ideas about Horticulture in 1995.  He worked to perfect his skills at propagating, growing, product development, marketing and teaching.  By the late 1990’s, Laguna Hills Nursery was thriving.  It was known for the quality and selection of roses, fruit trees, ornamental trees and perennials.

Unfortunately, by 2007,  both of Gary’s parents had passed on and the nursery’s property had to be sold to settle the family’s estate.  Gary and Nancy moved Laguna Hills Nursery to Foothill Ranch in 2008 for a year, then leased back the old property in 2009.  The bad economy led to a decision to close to store by May 2010.

The new owners, Living Green Nursery & Garden Center, are quite nice, says Gary, and wishes them well.

For those of you who loved the potting soils and planting mix that Gary developed, he’s looking for established retail outlets in Orange County who will be able to offer it.

The Laguna Hills Nursery website is still up and says you can reach Gary and Nancy at the email addresses below.  It seems they may still be able to help you with some of your gardening needs.,

Mission Viejo’s Frapys Yogurt, My Favorite, Now Offering Caramel Green Apple + More New Flavors

I’ve written before about Frapys and why they’re my favorite yogurt shop, which includes their use of super-premium quality yogurt (Click Here).  Went there last night with a friend and found a few new flavors, most of which were out of this world:  Lowfat Caramel Green Apple (OMG!), Nonfat Butter Brickle and Coconut Cream Pie, both excellent.  Not a new flavor but still may be my favorite, and the most popular, the shop owner tells me,  is the Italian Kiss Gelato, with the richest tasting chocolate I’ve ever experienced in a yogurt.  Another favorite is the Lowfat Dulce de Lecha, a  caramel-type flavor.  I’m not a fan of tart flavors, but if you are, there’s quite a few, and two choices of No Sugar Added – strawberry/banana and chocolate.  They offer a lot of flavors, more than Yogurtland, and are generous with giving you sample cups to try out all the flavors you’re curious about.  $.35/ounce

24001 Via Fabricante, one block west of Jeronimo off of Alicia Parkway. (949) 215-3100, Open 7 days a week, 11am-11pm.

They’ve recently opened a 2nd store in Lake Forest, but offer less flavors.  23600 Rockfield Bl.  (949) 462-9400, Mon-Thurs and Sun, 11am-11pm; Fri and Sat, 11am-12 am.