Two New Openings in north Mission Viejo

Panda Express facing Los Alisos, in the shopping center at Marguerite Parkway and Santa Margarita Parkway where there’s CVS Pharmacy, Ralph’s Market, McDonald’s, and the Pet Store Warehouse.

Also at the same intersection but across the street is a new Auto Club Office next to Petco in the Sprout’s Farmer’s Market shopping center where there’s also Yogurtland and Claim Jumper Restaurant.

And some good news for anyone who gets cold sores or canker sores, Sprout’s now carries the two problem solvers I developed over 20 years ago.  The first,  Cold Sores Begone Stick™, a chapstick that stops a cold sore from surfacing at the early warning tingle.  www.Cold Sores

Cold & Canker Sore Begone1.5mg

Second, Canker Sores Begone Stick™, which within 24-36 hours, heals a mouth ulcer inside the mouth (on or under tongue, inside cheeks, roof of mouth, inside lips).

Do you know anyone overseas who could use either remedy? We now ship international orders for which there’s a flat shipping fee of $10, maximum 5 pieces per order.  There’s a moneyback guarantee but the shipping fee is not included.  (888) 877-6315.

Missing a Farmer’s Market in Mission Viejo? We’re Getting One!

It will be owned and operated by Verge Hagopian, a former teacher at Mission Viejo High School. He’s driven by an interest in healthy eating, and as such, the 40-60 vendors participating will only be offering healthy food.  If you get thirsty while you’re there and want a soda, for-getta-boud it.  Hagopian says soda is unhealthy and you won’t find it sold there.

The farmer’s market will start in January 2012, every Friday morning next to the Mission Viejo Library.  The exact hours haven’t been announced yet, but I’ll post it here later.

For more details, read Peter Schelden’s online article about the new Farmer’s Market at the Mission Viejo Patch.

Animal Communicator to Speak at Event. Bring Your Questions!

The OC chapter of the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS) is hosting speaker Frances W Greenspan, an animal communicator.   She speaks with animals both here and to those who have crossed over by tuning in telepathically to their spirit/higher self to ask questions and receive their answers.

She’ll be speaking on the death experience of animals, their afterlife, and how it compares to that of humans.

Frances has appeared on numerous pet related radio shows, in print and online magazines, and is author of the book “What Do Your Pets Want You to Know? My Story of Animal Communication”.

She’s also an artist, specializing in illustrations of animals.  She was recognized by Cat Fancy Magazine as one of the most gifted animal artists in the world.

Feel free to invite all your pet owner friends and everyone else who has an interest in this topic or near-death experiences to join us.

This is an ever-growing area of interest according to the producer of Fox LA News.  At OC IANDS’ meeting last month, they were there filming segments for a piece on near-death experiences.  It will be televised Monday, October 10th, 2011 during the 10pm news hour.  The story will also be on their website after it plays.

Q & A will follow her talk.  If you have questions that are not necessarily animal related, but concerning near-death or any spiritually transformative experience, you’re welcome to ask those as well.  Group members with first hand knowledge of these kinds of experiences may join in to help answer those questions.

Afterwards, everyone is invited to a no-host dinner beginning 4:20 pm at Mimi’s Café, 17231 17th St., Tustin, CA. The restaurant phone number is 714-544-5522.

We encourage a donation of $10 per person for our expenses, but no one is turned away.  RSVP at

OC IANDS meets the 2nd Saturday of each month, from 1pm-4pm at Unity Church of Tustin, 14402 Prospect Ave., Tustin, CA. Drive to the back of the church, turn left, and park.  The first room you come to will be the classroom where we meet.  If you get lost, call Robin at 949-290-1949.

Hospice Manager to Talk About Experiences Pointing to Life After Death

The Life After Life Club in Laguna Woods will be featuring LaVon Switzer, MSW-LCSW, who will be speaking on communications with the deceased.

Through the years, Ms. Switzer, a Hospice Manager with an extensive background in the bereavement field, has witnessed and been privy to many remarkable experiences pointing to life beyond death.  In the hospice setting, dying patients see deceased loved ones beckoning them.

After the patient’s death, their loved ones begin having experiences that feel like communication from the deceased.  She will discuss this with an emphasis on the moving experiences had by the bereaved.

Ms. Switzer has a Masters in Social Work from San Diego State University, and has for many years, managed large bereavement departments at hospices such as Vitas Innovative Hospice, Sharp Hospice Care, and Kaiser Permanente Hospice Department in San Diego.

She has lectured in the school of Social Work of San Diego State University and has spoken widely at conferences and symposia regarding working with the dying patient.

Date:   Saturday, October 1, 2011
Time:   9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m
Place:  Laguna Woods, Clubhouse 7 (directions below)
Admission:   $3 for non-members; free for members
For more information:  Call Elizabeth at (949) 707-1633

24111 Moulton Parkway, Laguna Woods CA 9263

Take the #5 Freeway SOUTH.
Take Lake Forest exit: turn RIGHT onto Lake Forest.
Go .3 miles and take LEFT onto Moulton.
You’ll cross Ridge Route Road and Santa Maria.
The next street is “Gate 12”
Turn  RIGHT onto Gate 12. (You’ve gone too far if you get to El Toro.)
You’ll see Clubhouse 7 ahead, on the right. We’re meeting in the Clubhouse.

Take the #5 Freeway NORTH.
Take the El Toro Exit. Turn LEFT onto El Toro.
Continue on El Toro to Moulton Parkway.
Turn RIGHT onto  Moulton Parkway.
The first stoplight is a street called “Gate 12.”
Turn LEFT onto Gate 12 street.
You’ll see Clubhouse 7 ahead, on the right.  We’re meeting in the Clubhouse.
















Take the #5 Freeway NORTH.


Take the El Toro Exit. Turn LEFT onto El Toro.


Continue on El Toro to Moulton Parkway.


Turn RIGHT onto  Moulton Parkway.


The first stoplight is a street called “Gate 12.”


Turn LEFT onto Gate 12 street.


You’ll see Clubhouse 7 ahead, on the right.  We’re meeting in the Clubhouse.

This Saturday, view the documentary ”Infinity, The Ultimate Trip–Journey Beyond Death”

What happens after we pass from this world? Is there life after this one? Or, do we just disappear forever? These are the questions asked in this powerful and poignant documentary, “Infinity: The Ultimate Trip”. Many may be surprised by the answers.

Featured are noted experts Greg Braden, Dannion Brinkley, Renate Dollinger, Stanislov Grof, John Holland, Dzogchen Ponlop, Robert Thurman, Alberto Villoldo, Neal Walsch, and Brian Weiss, MD using vital and beautiful imagery, along with personal accounts of near-death experiences (NDE), reincarnation and more.

There will be discussion about modern day beliefs, what near-death experiences teach, and how it can impact others.  Bob Siress, who will lead this event, hopes to address your opinions on the distressing NDE’s or just come to discover what those that have died have to say to those who are searching for meaning and understanding of life’s most sought after questions.

The OC International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) welcomes the narration of all spiritually transformative experiences and their life-changing after effects.  All are welcome to  share their experiences, yet there’s no obligation or pressure to.

When:     Saturday, 5/14/11, 1p-4p
Where:    Unity of Tustin, 14402 Prospect Ave. , Tustin, CA  92780
(drive to parking lot in back, lst classroom on the right) Map below.

Cost:    A donation of $10 per person for expenses is encouraged, but no one is turned away.

RSVP to Bob Siress at

Continue reading

If you need a new dentist, here’s why I recommend mine

Shervin Ahmadnia, DDS, Family Forest Dentistry

  • Excellent work
  • Affordable prices
  • He’s a doll. (My 85 year old mother had a crush on him)
  • He’s gentle, patient and wants you to be happy
  • Friendly staff
  • I’ve been his patient since 1998, and have had crowns, fillings, teeth whitening, teeth cleaning
  • Did I mention he’s affordable?
  • Accepts Medi-cal, credit cards
  • Anyone I’ve recommended him to are very happy

He offers an in-office dental plan that saves me money every year.  As a single person, no children, it costs $105/year. Saves money on all dental work. No claim forms, deductibles, or annual maximums, and coordinates with other dental coverage. If you go in, ask about it.

Mon, Wed, Thur – 8am-7pm
Tues, 8am-6pm
Every other Saturday, 8am-2pm

22855 Lake Forest Dr., Suite B, Lake Forest, CA  92630 (between Muirlands and Rockfield, north side of street in strip mall)

(949) 583-1558

Free outdoor circuit fitness course in Lake Forest

Fitness Course @ Saddleback Church

Saddleback Church recently installed an outdoor fitness course free for the community regardless if you’re a church member or your religious affiliation.

If you are hungry after your workout, you can visit the Refinery on campus. It offers healthy options, such as agave-glazed salmon tacos, lemon herb chicken wraps and rice bowls, all at very reasonable prices.

Now this is a find!  I have to check it out!

Temple of Light Spiritual Wellness in Lake Forest, CA

If you’re interested in alternative healing resources and classes, astrology, telepathy, universal laws, mediumship, crystal therapy, sound and vibration healing, psychic skills, energy work and more, Temple of Light Spiritual Wellness offers a trans-denominational spiritual center with more than 40 spiritual healing modalities to the community.

Take a look at their website and calendar of events.

Milos Cafe–a dog-friendly, healthy restaurant opening soon in Lake Forest

I can’t wait for the opening of Milos Cafe!   The owner, Scott Sellman, projects the opening for 2-3 weeks from now.  Take a look at the partial menu!  Once you go to that page, you can download the full menu.  Scott’s inspiration for this restaurant is his love for animals, good food, and health consciousness.

Listen to what a cool thing he’s doing. On the patio will be two pens for dogs to play, one for larger dogs, the other for smaller dogs.  Rescue groups will be invited to bring their dogs to play in the pens as well, allowing them a chance for adoption.  Customers who are considering adoption can see how their dog gets along with a rescue dog of interest. Both customers and rescue groups using the pens will be required to sign releases that their dogs have been vaccinated and will be responsible for the dogs’  behavior.

He’s attracted a great chef, Michael Pedersen, who has a wealth of credentials, including Planet Hollywood, HI; Riviera Country Club, Pacific Palisades; Hotel Nikko, Culinary Concepts, and more.

Scott has created strong relationships with dog charities all because of the adoption of his two dogs on the same day, Milo and Jake.  Milo is a mix of American Bulldog and Sharpei.  Jake is a pug, and both were adopted on the same day in February, 2009.  Brave dad!  Both are graduates of PetSmart obedience school, but Jake has aspirations to be an actor and furthered his education by attending Hollywood Paws in, where else?  Hollywood.

Their passion is poker.




These dogs are very hip and today, sharing a Facebook page with Scott.  Go over and ‘like’ them and keep updated on their interesting lives and Milos Cafe news.

Milos Cafe location:  26771 Rancho Parkway, Lake Forest.

Do you have questions you need answered related to the death of a loved one?

Tim BraunNow, I know this is not for everyone, but for those interested, Tim Braun is an internationally-known psychic medium in South OC.  A medium has the rare ability to communicate with those who have passed on.

Tim will be shooting a pilot for a television show.  For the purpose of this taping, he is looking for interesting stories, and people who have a need to see a medium, who need the questions answered.

For example:

Do you have unfinished business or know someone who does?
Do you have a loved one who died without telling you something?
Do you need the answers to the death of your loved one?
Do you know someone who was murdered?

Send your story along with a picture of all the people involved to

If selected, you will receive a free sitting with Tim.  This taping will not air on television. It’s strictly for screen test options only.

The link to his website is so you can learn more about him.  I know him, and can tell you he is a genuine, caring human being (worked with Mother Teresa and contributes to animal rescue), a very gifted medium (trained with James Van Praagh and other notables), and can help bring peace to your heart with messages that validate your loved one’s presence.

Perhaps this also may be interesting to you.  Tim will be appearing at the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim this Saturday, February 19th, 7pm-9pm for an opportunity to connect with your loved ones that have crossed over.  This demonstration is an ideal platform for individuals to experience a group setting while witnessing what occurs during a private, individual sitting.

For more info:   (714) 533-2311

Cost:  $30 per person prepaid, $40 per person paid at the door.

Learning Light Foundation, 1212 E. Lincoln Ave., Anaheim, CA  92805

He’s also available for a one-hour private reading in person in Costa Mesa, or over the phone, $175. He tapes the reading for you to refer back to later.  (626) 308-1614.  Email:

If you’re a loving baby-cuddler, volunteer to rock at-risk babies

Cuddling BabyThere’s nothing more up my alley than cuddling a baby, whether it be human, puppy or kitten. It just does something for me like nothing else, and satisfies that deep, primal maternal instinct I’ve had since I was a toddler.

Perhaps you have cuddling skills and love that you would like to share.  You can make a life-long difference in a child’s future by volunteering a little of your time to love babies back to health.

A fetus will have approximately 100 billion neurons in their brain, however these neurons are meaningless until after birth when the environment they are exposed to will influence their brain development.

The infant needs to be exposed to stimulation and social interaction to enable their brains to develop. Mothers with certain difficulties are compromised in how they are able to provide stimulation and how they are able to interact with infants, thus influencing how their baby’s brain will develop.

There’s a wonderful information party planned on Sunday, February 13th from 2-4pm at Tapestry, a Unitarian Universalist Congregation at 23436 Madero, Suite 140 in Mission Viejo.   You’re invited to attend.

Please RSVP to Penny at so she will know for how many to plan.  You may also email her with questions.

Also, please share this with all your Facebook friends!  You never know who might be touched moved and inspired.

A new, less expensive concept in massage offered by Pandora Massage at Laguna Hills Mall

I was very short on time the day I went in, my first visit.  I just noticed them driving by so on impulse, I decided to stop and see what their services were and prices.  The first thing I noticed was the soothing sounds of a flute accompanied by a chirping bird. The ambiance is comfortable with a somewhat tropical/Asian decor, very clean, and prices were less expensive than other moderately priced salons I’ve been to.  What I like is that you don’t undress for a massage at Pandora. No hassle of dressing and undressing, make up stays intact, no oily hair so you can go on about your day looking as good as you did when you left the house, but much more relaxed.   All their massage tables are set up in one open space, but fanned out so you have a sense of privacy.  The massage tables may be the most comfortable I’ve layed on.

Again on impulse, I asked for a combination foot/shoulder/neck/back massage for 15 minutes.  It went a little longer but they didn’t charge extra.  Just a 20 minute or so massage and I was so relaxed, I had to peel myself off the massage table.  I didn’t want to move.  Although their website,, says the massages are for one hour each, they are happy to provide shorter massages that fit your budget or time you have available.

I have a standing appointment at my nail salon every 2 weeks and most of the time, I’ll ask for a longer foot massage or a shoulder/neck/back massage.  I’ll be coming to Pandora for that in the future.  The price is the same, meaning inexpensive, but the quality of massage is better and the soothing environment works wonders.

Issa Hanna, a retired pharmacist, owns Pandora Massage, which only opened 6 weeks ago.   He mentioned they have a large selection of music a customer can choose from if desired.  Then he said the magic words that bought my loyalty on the spot — if established customers are out and about, feeling muscle tension or pain, he’ll be happy to have a masseuse provide a 5 minute massage at no charge. Yep, Pandora’s phone number went immediately into my cell phone Contacts list.

Pandora’s offering a special right now – two one-hour massages for the price of one.  Such a deal!  Use both for yourself or bring a friend.

Pandora Massage is located on the back side of the mall not too far from Sears, and can only be accessed from the parking lot, not from inside the mall.

Open 10am to 10pm everyday. Phone:  (949) 465-0005.  Walk-in’s welcome, appointments preferred.

Woman to talk on intuitive abilities gained from near-death-experience after sustaining severe injuries

In 1983, Jessica Haynes was in a car accident and severely injured with her face crushed, multiple back fractures, feet shattered and more. She says she looked grotesque, and prognosis was very grim. She made a fast, miraculous recovery which she attributes to the near-death-experience (NDE) she experienced.  From the NDE,  she learned ways to create a better, more meaningful life.  She’ll be talking about what she learned, how to create a better life now, and give hope, joy and understanding of the beauty of life so that you can face it, and death, without fear.  She says she has fun stories to share and will take questions from the audience.  Jessica has shared her story for over 20 years including to fortune 500 companies.

Date:   Saturday, 12/11/10, 1pm-4pm

Where:    Unity of Tustin, 14402 Prospect Ave., Tustin, CA 92780.  Drive to the rear of the church and park. The talk will be in the first classroom you come to on your right.

Fee:       There’s a $10 donation requested, however, no one will be turned away due to lack of money.

Anyone who’d like to can join this small group for a no-host dinner at nearby Mimi’s Restaurant afterwards to continue the discussion or talk about anything else.  There’s always lots of laughing, good conversation, or just good listening opportunity.

Easy MiniFarmBox™ and grow your own vegetables-awesome!

MiniFarmBox4x4Besides saving water, a MinifarmBox™ optimizes soil drainage and aeration, giving your plants more root space. You’ll grow bigger plants with bigger crops – up to twice the yield of regular ground planting. The MiniFarmBox™ is a cedar raised bed, tool-free assembly in minutes, gets less weeds, extremely termite and rot resistant, and lasts a minimum and 10-15 years untreated.  I live in a condo….but I want one (whining)!

Watch how quick and easy it is to assemble.

The MiniFarmBox™ is available locally at one of my favorite places, Living Green Nursery, on Jeronimo between El Toro and Ridge Route.

Click here for lots more information.

Living Green Nursery, 25290 Jeronimo Road, Lake Forest, CA 92630-4900. Phone: 949-768-4733.

A cold sore’s early warning symptom can fill you with dread like nothing else

Two long weeks – that’s what you have to look forward to with a honker of a cold sore on your lip soon after you feel the early warning ‘tingle’.  Let me guess — when you feel the ‘tingle’,  you have an event coming up that makes the eruption occur at the absolute worst time!  No, I’m not psychic, that’s just the way it rolls.  Personal experience.

This guy did a video on Cold Sores Begone™, what a character!  A hood indoors?

You can buy it locally – Whole Foods Market, Mother’s Market, Sprouts, Henry’s Marketplace.