Local organic farm has added Wednesday drop off location in Mission Viejo on Via Fabricante with boxes of fruits and vegetables

Many small family farms are going directly to the local food supporter in the form of a weekly subscription basket.  Customers get truly local, ‘just harvested’ freshness.  Product in a grocery store is often 14 days old and has, on average traveled 1500 miles, losing nutrition and flavor along the way, not to mention increasing air pollution and fossil fuel consumption.  Having your organic fruit and vegetables harvested and delivered directly from a local farm provides a fresher, tastier alternative.

Other benefits include a greater variety of selection, preserving farmland and open space, and keeping money within the local economy.

As a member of Morning Song Organic Farm‘s subscription service, a weekly package of fresh fruit and vegetables is delivered in several drop off locations in south OC. The closest to Saddleback Valley is at Mission Viejo’s Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center at 24002 Via Fabricante. The service is available to the general public as part of the facility’s wellness outreach. However, people don’t have to be patients and can simply drop by the facility, fill out a Morning Song Farm agreement and their box of fruits and veggies will be available for pick-up on Wednesday afternoons.

Find out more about the service by calling 949-454-8811.

What’s cuter than a kitten? Two kittens! Save $100 by adopting two at MV Animal Services

Adopt two kittens at Mission Viejo Animal Services Center, DAWG will cover base adoption fee for second kitty

With an influx of 8 to 14-week-old kittens at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center, now’s the time to get your pick of the litter or two. In fact, if you adopt two kittens, DAWG, which raises funds to support animals in need of medical treatment at the shelter, will pay the $100 base adoption fee for the second one. That means new owners will get the second kitten for only $35 or two kittens for $170. (The adoption fee for one kitten is $135.) The shelter is accepting applications for 18 adorable kittens.

The kittens – tabbies, calicos, tortoiseshell and fuzzy black kittens – are vaccinated, de-wormed, spayed or neutered, microchipped and ready to find loving, permanent homes.

People interested in welcoming fun and feisty additions to their homes should drop by the center at 28095 Hillcrest.

For more information, call 949-470-3045 or visit the City’s Web site at www.cityofmissionviejo.org.

One-time free opportunity this Wednesday for OC women entrepreneurs-bring your biggest challenge or question for brainstorming by other entrepreneurs for solutions, ideas, resources, help

Clear your calendar for Wednesday, July 14th, 10:30am-12:30pm.  This is a one-time free opportunity for women entrepreneurs in Orange County to bring their most immediate business challenge or question to the Orange County chapter mastermind meeting of Savor the Success, a public relations co-op and niche social media network for women entrepreneurs both online and offline.   Each attendee will have a turn for 7-10 minutes to explain what they’re working on and what they want or need to happen in their business over the next month or year, receiving the full attention and creative brainstorming power of the group focused on their business.

This is a diverse group of women of all ages at different stages of  building their businesses.  You’ll find them supportive and generous with their information and help.  Everyone benefits from these meetings.

You can also read my article about Savor the Success on my other blog, RobinBarrBuzz.

We meet in Tustin. If you’d like to attend, contact Ann Baker, the group leader, at Ann@PublicityPros.net, or by phone at 213-785-8835.  Ann owns Publicity Pros, specializing in PR for small business.

Looking for something interesting to do in OC?

OCBuzz.com is a wonderful resource chock full of OC activities, events and venues for any age group and families. Be sure to sign up HERE for their free, weekly fun and entertainment events e-newsletter.   Do you have an upcoming event you would like listed?  Click HERE for their free event listing.

Habit Burger Grill has opened and BJ’s Brewery Restaurant now offering gluten-free pizza! Life is good!

The Habit Burger Grill is now open at The Orchard Shopping Center at 23632 El Toro Rd, Lake Forest, (949) 206-9110.  Hours:  Mon-Sat: 10:30m-9:pm; Sun- 11am-8pm.  Had a burger/fries, quite good but line was out the door.

Just went to  BJ Brewery Restaurant for the first time today. What took me so long?  The food is excellent and priced reasonably.  I’m looking for recommendations on your favorite menu items at BJ’s, so please comment below with your suggestions.  But that’s not the news. For those that can’t eat gluten, they offer pizzas made without it!

Gluten-Free Thin Crust Pizza – Cheese 8.95
Gluten-Free Thin Crust Pizza – Add One Topping 9.95
Gluten-Free Thin Crust Pizza – Add Two Toppings 10.95
Gluten-Free Thin Crust Pizza – Add Three Toppings 11.95
Gluten-Free Thin Crust Pizza – Add Four Toppings 12.95
A flavorful, herb-infused, 10-inch crust baked to a golden brown and topped with your favorite gluten free toppings. All BJ’s Classic Toppings listed are gluten-free with the exception of meatballs.

24032 El Toro Rd. in the Laguna Hills Mall near Just Tires.  949.900.2670

11am-12am Monday-Thursday
11am-1am Friday
10am-1am Saturday
10am-12am Sunday

BTW, both of these restaurants are on the noisy side, if that’s an issue for you.


Do painful canker sores stand between you and you’re ability to eat with joy?  What are you waiting for?  Get non-toxic, topical Canker Sores Begone™ to get rid of them within a day or two (varies among individuals). Helps cankers due to any cause except from acidic food.  Available at Mother’s Market, Whole Foods Market, Henry’s Marketplace (not Laguna Niguel), Sprouts, and www.csbegone.com.

How to prevent a cold sore caused by the sizzling summer sun

Here you are with a beautiful sun-kissed summertime tan, and it’s ruined by the appearance of a cold sore infection right on your mouth triggered by over-exposure to the sun.  There are ways to help avoid it:

  • Wear a lip balm with the highest SPF factor you can find when you’re out in the sun. Don’t forget to reapply after you eat or it has worn off.
  • Keep your immune system strong by getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and manage stress though the many ways that are available to do so, i.e. meditation, exercise, yoga, breathing exercises, hypnosis, Tai Chi, relaxing while listening to spa-like music.

If you still feel the dreaded early warning symptom of an outbreak, you can abort it instantly by applying a few drops of topical, herbal Cold Sores Begone™ to the area as soon as you feel the tingling sensation.  The cold sore will not erupt, and you’ll be good to go.  It’s a life saver, especially when you have something planned where your appearance will be  important for you to feel attractive and confident.

Cold Sores Begone™ has been recommended by PREVENTION and NATURAL HEALTH Magazines, and safe even for small children.   It sells for $11, and available in selected health food stores, such as Whole Foods Market, Henry’s Marketplace, Sprouts, Mother’s Market & Kitchen and others.  If it’s more convenient, Cold Sores Begone™ can be ordered by calling 888-877-6315, or online at http://www.csbegone.com, which ships out by the next business day for only $2.