Psychic medical doctor will speak on an afterlife–Laguna Woods

afterlife cartoonWhile a young anesthesiologist, Dr. Pamela Heath began realizing that she was
psychic.  She knew what cases would be coming into the emergency room and answered people’s questions before they were spoken.

Dr. Heath sees herself as a bridge between the psychic world and science.
She will discuss her book “Handbook to the Afterlife,” looking at channeled
material that describes stages spirits go through after death.  She will also
discuss her book “Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife?”

When:     Saturday, March 5, 9:30 to 11:00 am

Where:    Laguna Woods Village, Clubhouse 7*
Cost:        $3 admission fee
For information:  Elizabeth at 949-707-1633

*Directions:  The closest cross streets are Moulton Prwy and El Toro Rd.  You’ll enter the driveway entrance to Clubhouse 7 from Moulton at the first light north of El Toro Rd.  If you’re coming from El Toro Rd, you’ll have to make a U-turn at Gate 12.  If you’ve reached Santa Maria Ave (where Polly’s Pies and Fresh and Easy are located), you’ve gone too far.  If coming from the north (ie Lake Forest Blvd) driving in the direction of El Toro, you’ll pass Santa Maria Ave and make a right turn into the driveway entrance to Clubhouse 7.

If  using the freeway, exit El Toro Road.  If coming from the south, turn left on El Toro, right on Moulton Pkwy.  If coming from the north, exit El Toro Rd, which lands you on Paseo de la Carlotta. Make a left, then near immediate right on El Toro.

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