Soft, playful, purring kittens ready for adoption. Don’t miss out, go today!

Eight young cats are ready for adoption at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center.   They include a tabby boy, an orange tabby, and seal-point Siamese mix.

Article Tab : Mission Viejo Animal Services Center has several friendly and healthy kittens - including tabby boy Smalls - that are available for adoption. Call 949-470-3045 for more information or visit
According to shelter staff, the tabby’s mother, an affectionate calico that has a home, adored her kittens, which is evident by their demeanor.  Volunteer families have been caring for the kittens so they are well adjusted, playful and affectionate.

You can visit the pets available for adoption at the facility, located at 28095 Hillcrest during operating hours or call 949-470-3045. For more information, visit

Shelter hours are:

•11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

•12 to 6 p.m. on Wednesdays

•12 to 3 p.m. on Sundays

What’s cuter than a kitten? Two kittens! Save $100 by adopting two at MV Animal Services

Adopt two kittens at Mission Viejo Animal Services Center, DAWG will cover base adoption fee for second kitty

With an influx of 8 to 14-week-old kittens at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center, now’s the time to get your pick of the litter or two. In fact, if you adopt two kittens, DAWG, which raises funds to support animals in need of medical treatment at the shelter, will pay the $100 base adoption fee for the second one. That means new owners will get the second kitten for only $35 or two kittens for $170. (The adoption fee for one kitten is $135.) The shelter is accepting applications for 18 adorable kittens.

The kittens – tabbies, calicos, tortoiseshell and fuzzy black kittens – are vaccinated, de-wormed, spayed or neutered, microchipped and ready to find loving, permanent homes.

People interested in welcoming fun and feisty additions to their homes should drop by the center at 28095 Hillcrest.

For more information, call 949-470-3045 or visit the City’s Web site at