Lake Forest’s Living Green Nursery–free classes

Red Baron peach tree blossom

Living Green Nursery has launched their new website, and it’s lovely.  Here are the class offerings for the rest of March through April.  For May and June classes, visit their site.

March 26: Square Foot Gardening – Special guest Greg Stevenson
Square foot gardening is the easiest and most efficient way to grow flowers and vegetables, especially in urban environments.  Join us and learn the secrets of success.

April 2: Edible Landscapes – Justin Galias
Make your garden into a culinary landscape with plants that are both beautiful and have edible parts.  Come learn how to make your backyard your own farmer’s market with Living Green Nursery.

April 9: Tomatoes and Warm Season Vegetables – Erick  Lux
Everyone loves vegetables, and they’re even better organic and locally grown. With Living Green Nursery’s help you can grow your own! Join us for an exciting and informative foray into the world of this season’s vegetables.

April 16: Moss Baskets & Spring Color- Paul Thornton
Nothing says “welcome to Spring” like floral color.  Living Green will show you wonderful ways to use color in your garden. From moss baskets to color bowls—say hello to Spring with Living Green Nursery.

April 23: Fruit Trees – Justin Galias
Fruit Trees provide the benefits of ornamental trees, with the added benefit of being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.   Come find out how you can grow your own delicious fruits at home.

April 30: Shade Gardening – Paul  Thornton
Shady areas can be challenging, but Living Green Nursery will show you solutions to enable the growth of flourishing landscapes.  Come and learn the variety of durable flowing plants and decorative foliage you should choose to ensure year-round luscious growth in trouble spots.

Location:  25290 Jeronimo Rd., Lake Forest (former location of Laguna Hills Nursery)

Phone:  (949) 768-4733

Hours:  Monday – Saturday, 9am-5pm; Sunday, 9am-4pm

Easy MiniFarmBox™ and grow your own vegetables-awesome!

MiniFarmBox4x4Besides saving water, a MinifarmBox™ optimizes soil drainage and aeration, giving your plants more root space. You’ll grow bigger plants with bigger crops – up to twice the yield of regular ground planting. The MiniFarmBox™ is a cedar raised bed, tool-free assembly in minutes, gets less weeds, extremely termite and rot resistant, and lasts a minimum and 10-15 years untreated.  I live in a condo….but I want one (whining)!

Watch how quick and easy it is to assemble.

The MiniFarmBox™ is available locally at one of my favorite places, Living Green Nursery, on Jeronimo between El Toro and Ridge Route.

Click here for lots more information.

Living Green Nursery, 25290 Jeronimo Road, Lake Forest, CA 92630-4900. Phone: 949-768-4733.

Soil class at Living Green Nursery tommorrow, Sat, 10/23

It can be confusing choosing the right soil with all the different brands available today.  Living Green Nursery has chosen EB Stone Organics as their preferred fertilizers and soils.   At 10:00am, Duane Wheeler from EB Stone will be onsite presenting an indepth talk about what’s in various products and how to choose the right one for you.


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25290 Jeronimo Rd, Lake Forest, (949) 768-4733 (former location of Laguna Hills Nursery)

Laguna Hills Nursery on Jeronimo Has Closed. Now Occupied by Living Green Nursery

This may be old news to some of you since it occurred about 45 days ago, but I just found out and was very surprised.  George and Grace Matsuoka had owned a successful nursery in Pasadena and in 1968, had an opportunity to sell the business.  In 1970, he purchased the property on Jeronimo, starting Laguna Hills Nursery.  George and Grace’s children grew up helping their parents with the nursery, and when the older couple began to experience health problems, their son Gary and his wife, Nancy, took charge in 1994.

Gary started researching and developing his own ideas about Horticulture in 1995.  He worked to perfect his skills at propagating, growing, product development, marketing and teaching.  By the late 1990’s, Laguna Hills Nursery was thriving.  It was known for the quality and selection of roses, fruit trees, ornamental trees and perennials.

Unfortunately, by 2007,  both of Gary’s parents had passed on and the nursery’s property had to be sold to settle the family’s estate.  Gary and Nancy moved Laguna Hills Nursery to Foothill Ranch in 2008 for a year, then leased back the old property in 2009.  The bad economy led to a decision to close to store by May 2010.

The new owners, Living Green Nursery & Garden Center, are quite nice, says Gary, and wishes them well.

For those of you who loved the potting soils and planting mix that Gary developed, he’s looking for established retail outlets in Orange County who will be able to offer it.

The Laguna Hills Nursery website is still up and says you can reach Gary and Nancy at the email addresses below.  It seems they may still be able to help you with some of your gardening needs.,