Charles Kilduff, the Mission Hospital Suicide-A Little About Him

Mr. Kilduff has weighed on my mind since I heard about his suicide.  Aside from the tragedy, what affected me most was his generous spirit at his darkest hour, purposely committing the suicide on hospital grounds.  Leaving a note for doctors requesting his organs be donated, this location provided the best chance that his organs would still be viable for donation.  Unfortunately, the organs couldn’t be used, but I consider him a hero for this and that he didn’t shoot himself where he could be found by a loved one.

This certainly doesn’t answer the ‘why?’, but at least we know a little bit more of the ‘who’ from his LinkedIn profile.  If you knew him personally, please Comment below, letting us know more about who Charlie was.

Charlie Kilduff

Managing Partner, 5

Las Vegas, Nevada Area
Information Technology and Services

Charlie Kilduff’s Overview

  • Board Member at TDIH
  • Managing Partner at Viant Consulting
  • Various Positions at FileNet Corporation
  • ECM Senior Systems Engineer, Specialist at Saros Corporation (purchased by FileNet Corporation)
  • Collaboration and Messaging Engineer at Lotus Development
  • Senior Systems Engineer at FileNet Corporation
  • Vice President, Systems Integration, Risk Policy Division at Security Pacific Bank
  • California State Polytechnic University-Pomona
  • Don Bosco Technical Institute
5 people have recommended Charlie
Connection:  116 connections

Charlie Kilduff’s Summary

Charlie brings more than 25 years of experience helping clients transform the way they market, sell and service customers through technology innovations. As an enterprise consultant to Fortune 500 companies, his role is to develop comprehensive business cases, strategic plans and enterprise architectures that take advantage of today’s technologies and help organizations deploy solutions as efficiently as possible.

He’s held positions in R&D, Engineering, Marketing and Sales. Throughout his career, Charlie has served a long list of blue-chip companies including: Nestle, Intel, Toyota, NCR, Airbus, CGU Insurance, Walt Disney, American Express, Hughes, Boeing, Pacific Life Insurance, Deloitte Consulting, Security Pacific Bank, Bank One, Bank of America, the Federal Government, County and State Governments.

Charlie Kilduff’s Experience

Board Member


Information Technology and Services industry

2006Present (5 years)

Managing Partner

Viant Consulting

Information Technology and Services industry

2001Present (10 years)

Provides a forward-looking, strategic view of enterprise business functionality and relates this view to current IT actions – planning, governance and innovation. Provides the vision, principles, standards and processes that guide the purchase, design, and deployment of IT systems. Helping IT departments and stakeholders to make better decisions that build value for the enterprise.

Provides enterprise solutions – architectural design, infrastructure strategy and direction, application design, development expertise and large-scale deployment management – to Fortune 500 companies.

Various Positions

FileNet Corporation

Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; FILE; Computer Software industry

19952001 (6 years)

Systems Engineering Manager, Alliance Team
Executive level strategic positioning and planning of FileNet’s enterprise content management solution set to FileNet Alliance partners – IBM Global Services, Deloitte Consulting, ACS, and HP.

Infrastructure Architect, World Wide Solutions
Internal assessment and infrastructure design to strategic world-wide customers utilizing Enterprise Content Management services, and Imaging Services for Intranets, Extranets, and Internet deployments of business applications and portal solutions.

ECM Senior Systems Engineer, Specialist
Analysis and design of business solutions utilizing Electronic Content Management software for strategic accounts in the Western region. Including: enterprise web publishing, web design, object storage and retrieval, author collaboration and web delivery.

ECM Senior Systems Engineer, Specialist

Saros Corporation (purchased by FileNet Corporation)

Computer Software industry

19951996 (1 year)

Collaboration and Messaging Engineer

Lotus Development

Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; IBM; Computer Software industry

19931995 (2 years)

Provided enterprise architectures for group collaboration and messaging environments to Fortune 100 companies. Designed enterprise-wide roll out strategies, migration plans, VAR selection, LAN / WAN architectures, and performance justifications to strategic clients.

Senior Systems Engineer

FileNet Corporation
Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; FILE; Computer Software industry
19911993 (2 years)

Performed internal assessments and designed system architectures, network infrastructures and overall system deployment strategies for large-scale document imaging systems.

Vice President, Systems Integration, Risk Policy Division

Security Pacific Bank
Public Company; 10,001+ employees; Banking industry
1991 (6 years)

Responsible for managing the division’s IT resources. Infrastructure build out, customized risk analysis and reporting applications for domestic and international distribution, end-user hardware, software, and training requirements within budget.

Charlie Kilduff’s Education

California State Polytechnic University-Pomona
Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems 19811985

Don Bosco Technical Institute 19771981

Charlie Kilduff’s Contact Settings

Interested In

  • career opportunities
  • consulting offers
  • new ventures
  • job inquiries
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  • business deals
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Man commits suicide outside Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo

So, so sad…..1) because of the depth of his hopelessness to choose to do this; 2)  he wanted to go out making a difference, leaving a note requesting his organs be donated;  and 3) by the time his body was found on a driveway, it was too late to use any of his organs.

I didn’t realize that the types of death allowing for organ recovery are rare, according to Bryan Stewart, a spokesman for OneLegacy, which handles organ donations for more than 200 Southern California hospitals. Mr. Stewart says the donor has to be brain dead but still have a functioning heart or be on a ventilator. Once a person’s heart stops, other organs become oxygen-starved and rapidly deteriorate.

The 48-year-old man, identified as Charles Kildruff from Las Vegas, shot himself on a hospital driveway.  He was declared dead after being rushed to the emergency room.

In case they can be received, which I believe they can, I’m sending thoughts of love to Mr. Kildruff.

Early Mission Viejo advertising new homes

Off the I-5, an old freeway billboard advertising a new southern California town, Mission Viejo.

“The California Promise” and “It’s so nice to have Mission Viejo around the house” were slogans used to attract prospective homeowners to take a chance out in the sticks for a pleasant little community that would offer all the best in southern California living.

Mission Viejo family vies for HGTV’s free home makeover

Have I ever mentioned what an HGTV-head I am?  Nothing glues me like a great before and after, and there’s no shortage of them on this channel.  My favorite is Designed to Sell – no way they can do what they do in those miserable ‘before’s with only $2000!

Today I read in the Mission Viejo Life Blog about this young family competing for the free home makeover.  They live near Marguerite and Jeronimo, having purchased their home from an elderly woman who purchased the house when it was new — and had not renovated in all that time.  Click here to read the story, and from there, you’ll be able to click on HGTV’s website where the Thomas’ have posted three videos showing each area of greatest need – the backyard, kitchen and master bedroom.  If you agree that this home should be the winner, add your comments after each video so HGTV knows what you think! C’mon, Mission Viejo, let’s show our support for our homeboy and his family.

The homeowner who did the videos, J.T., is very funny and entertaining.  Regardless of the outcome of this contest, he needs to move right on to the next contest and register for the next Design Star show.

7-11 at Trabuco and Los Alisos in Mission Viejo robbed this morning

Thank goodness no one was hurt.  If I were going to the bother of committing armed robbery, I would have cleaned out the whole store.  I hope it was worth it to him.  You just can’t get good entrepreneurial robbers today :).   I feel sorry for the store clerk who must have been terrified.  They didn’t mention if any customers were in the store at the time, they would have been terrified also.

Authorities are seeking a man who robbed the 7-11 at Trabuco and Los Alisos early this morning and fled with $200, cigarettes and a bottle of water.  The suspect  is described as a white male, roughly 5’10” to 5’11” tall, 160 lbs. wearing a black hoodie, black shorts, and carrying a black backpack.

Ladera Ranch’s Corky’s Kitchen & Bakery-updated review

A few months back, I posted a highly positive review for this family style restaurant. After visiting several times since then, I still like the place, but must note that both I, and whoever I happen to have along with me, notice that most times, some part of our meal is not quite right – the baked potato may not be cooked all the way through, baked carrots still somewhat hard when served, salmon overcooked.

With that said, when it’s brought to the server’s attention, this restaurant bends over backwards to make it right.  The food is served again done right, lots of expressed desire that you’re happy, and usually, they throw in a free desert.  Without a doubt, Corky’s wants you to have a good experience with them.

Just be aware of this when you visit Corky’s, and don’t be shy about speaking up. They want to know where there’s weaknesses in their operations so they can make corrections.   The food is good, provide generous portions, and I’m still a good customer.

Head’s Up! Oso Pkwy Eastbound at I-5 Closed This Weekend

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will close all eastbound lanes on Oso Parkway at the I-5 Freeway starting at 8 p.m. tonight through 5 a.m. Monday, May 23. In addition, the I-5 Freeway southbound off-ramp and on-ramps at Oso Parkway will be closed. Westbound Oso Parkway and the I-5 northbound on-ramp from westbound Oso Parkway will remain open.

Detours and signs will be placed to alert motorists of the closure, which is part of the ongoing $14.3-million Oso Parkway Interchange project.

The project, which began in September of 2008, is expected to be finished by June, according to Caltrans.

Heads Up! Westbound Oso Pkwy at I-5 Frwy Shut Down This Weekend

The closure will take place from 8 p.m. Friday, May 14 through 5 a.m. Monday, May 17.

I-5 southbound off-ramps and on-ramps will be closed during this period, while the northbound on-ramp from westbound Oso Parkway will remain open. Eastbound Oso Parkway will not be impacted.

The closure is necessary to complete construction improvements to the bridges over the freeway and railroad. The work is part of the $14-million improvement project under construction by Caltrans and the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) to improve the I-5/Oso Parkway interchange.

Holiday season, common time for a cold sore or canker sore

All the stress and fatigue that goes along with the Holidays commonly causes a cold sore or canker sore for those prone to them.

Cold Sores Begone® will prevent that little cold sore of yours from erupting.  Yep. A few dabs at that dreaded tingling feeling, the infection is aborted, no cold sore, good to go.

Canker Sores Begone®, for most folks, heals the ulceration within 24 hours to a few short days.

No worries.  Safe for even small children, non-toxic, herbal topical formulation.  Endorsed by PREVENTION and NATURAL HEALTH magazines, no less.

Be smart and pick up a bottle BEFORE you need it.  Let’s see – some fitting cliches: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, The early bird gets the worm (no, this doesn’t quite fit, does it?)

Available now at Whole Foods Market, Mother’s Market, Sprout’s, Henry’s Marketplace (Cold Sores Begone® only), SRP $10.99.  Also available ONLINE