Affordable Vet Who’s Actually Good? Apparently so.

Affordable vet, Laguna HillsDr. Maged Kerolos purchased Affordable Spay and Neuter (ASN) from Dr. Wheaton last year, who went on to open Alicia Pet Care.   Unlike under Dr. Wheaton’s ownership, ASN is now a full service veterinary practice.  You can find them in the shopping center where Big Lot is located on Alicia just west of the 5.

I have to reveal I haven’t yet had an opportunity to bring either of my dogs to Dr. Kerolos, but their medical records are being sent from my old vet to Dr. Kerolos as we speak. Why? When I was at the shopping center the other day, I decided stop in to talk to the staff and get a feel for the place.

I was immediately greeted by a friendly young woman.  I asked about the doctor and a few other questions.  Scott, the office manager, came to join the conversation and was helpful and informative as well.  I asked about prices (really affordable, i.e. office visit, $40).  What convinced me to make the switch was a customer who was there waiting for her dog.   She heard my questions and said to me, I’m a nurse at Mission Hospital and I know about health care delivery.  Dr. Kerolos is excellent, very thorough, explains everything, doesn’t make you feel rushed.  She has 3 dogs she brings there, and said due to her recommendation, many Mission Hospital employees are bringing their pets to Dr. Kerolos as well.  She added that Scott was also excellent as a resource and tech, in fact, all the staff are good.

That’s what I needed to hear.  I’ll keep you posted on my actual experiences with ASN over time.

Here’s a link to ASN Testimonials. Note that some of the earlier entries were written while under Dr. Wheaton’s ownership.

They’re located at 24861 Alicia Pkway, Suite D, Laguna Hills, CA  92653; Ph 949-768-1314.

Ark of San Juan Cap Animal Rescue-If you can’t adopt, please foster a furbaby, they need your help desperately

2 y/o Pomeranian up for adoption or fosterThe Ark is overflowing! They have no shelter and must depend on foster homes for their animals. They’re having to board some of their animals at Veterinary offices at a huge expense. This is money that could be used to maintain a rescue center, and you know  how frightened these guys are anyway without having to be boarded. I’d take one in a New York minute, and want to SO much, but I’m up to my Condo’s HOA limit.

This little guy is 2 year old Charlie. The Rescue says he’s a wonderful little boy who loves to talk. (LOL! So does one of mine, and always has to have the last word!).  He gets along with other dogs and would do well in a home with another dog as a companion.

Ark of San Juan Capistrano Animal Rescue

San Juan Cap-Animal adoption event+ dog walking training

animal rescue orange county, CASo if you scroll this blog at all, you know I’m an animal lover and an animal saver in all the ways I can.  Tommorrow, Saturday, Aug 7 from 10am-2pm, The Ark of San Juan Capistrano Animal Rescue will be at Petsmart in San Juan next to Costco.  They’ll have companion animals looking for a new home.  Awww – they really deserve to have one.

Awesome!  Learn from Animal Behaviorist Extraordinaire “How to Safely Walk Dogs”.  Dog walk training @ 11:30am.


Are you prone to waking up with a cold sore? Solve that problem forever by applying Cold Sores Begone™ every night before you go to sleep. At Whole Foods Market, Mother’s, Sprouts, Henry’s Marketplace (except Laguna Niguel), or online.

What’s cuter than a kitten? Two kittens! Save $100 by adopting two at MV Animal Services

Adopt two kittens at Mission Viejo Animal Services Center, DAWG will cover base adoption fee for second kitty

With an influx of 8 to 14-week-old kittens at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center, now’s the time to get your pick of the litter or two. In fact, if you adopt two kittens, DAWG, which raises funds to support animals in need of medical treatment at the shelter, will pay the $100 base adoption fee for the second one. That means new owners will get the second kitten for only $35 or two kittens for $170. (The adoption fee for one kitten is $135.) The shelter is accepting applications for 18 adorable kittens.

The kittens – tabbies, calicos, tortoiseshell and fuzzy black kittens – are vaccinated, de-wormed, spayed or neutered, microchipped and ready to find loving, permanent homes.

People interested in welcoming fun and feisty additions to their homes should drop by the center at 28095 Hillcrest.

For more information, call 949-470-3045 or visit the City’s Web site at

Enjoy a Stroll, Meditate, or Walk A Labrinyth at the Beautiful Campus of Unity Church in Tustin

This is a hidden find I only happened to learn about when attending a non-religious Prana Meditation Workshop.

The campus is beautiful and all are welcome to stroll through the gardens 7 days a week, stop at any of the numerous meditation inlets, each with its own pond or fountain.  Click HERE for virtual tour of the campus.

It also has a labyrinth , which you enter and walk around, for some, to help quiet the mind.  Click HERE for an explanation of  how others benefit from it,  and the origins of labyrinths. It’s interesting.

The wonderful, whimsical children’s garden and play area.  Click HERE.

Although at its core, Unity Church is Christian-based, it defines itself as non-denominational. You don’t find any proselytizing or dogma there.

Dogs on a leash are welcome to walk the grounds also.

Location:  14402 S. Prospect Ave. Tustin, CA 92780

Phone 714-730-3444

Want to Communicate With Your Pet (Here or Passed Over) or Ask a Question About Yourself?

A friend of mine, Frances Greenspan, is an animal communicator, among other things, including artist, and teaching maven how to sell on ebay.

She’ll be offering animal communication at the Temple of Light Spiritual Wellness Center, where they’ll be hosting a psychic fair tommorrow, Saturday, Mar 6th, Lake Forest, 10AM-3PM.  Others will be there offering:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Mediumship
  • Angel Therapy
  • Bio-Feedback Analysis
  • Tarot
  • Animal Communication (pictures only please!)
  • Numerology
  • Astrology
  • Reiki
  • ThetaHealing
  • Spirit Art
    Intuitive Energy Work

Sessions start at $20 for 20 minutes.

Click here for more info

Coyotes and Anxiety-Free Nighttime Dog Walks in Mid-South OC

I live in a hilly area, so nighttime walks with my two little dogs is an anxious experience for me. I’m hyper-vigilent, geared up with a noise-maker, flashlight, spray, always looking around for the evil coyote that wants to eat my small dogs ….

I’ve found a good solution – I pile the dogs in the car and go to any number of locations, depending on how much time I have, where I am, etc.

Most un-enclosed shopping malls work real well if they have continuous, or near-continuous sidewalks to minimize need to walk thru the parking lot to get from one point to another, and have at least some grassy area.

The places I go to most:

Mission Viejo Lake Shopping Center at Marguerite Pkwy & Vista del Lago. Lot’s of grass.  There can be coyotes very late/wee hours, but I’ve dog-walked there for several years and haven’t seen one yet.  I feel more secure with the people around who can come to help if needed.

Mission Viejo – Pavillions shopping center at Marguerite Pkwy & Oso. Works in a pinch if it rains (day or night).

Mission Viejo – City Hall/Library. Wonderful grassy area. After the library and City Hall close, the parking lot becomes a good, safe area to walk the dogs as well.

Irvine – the shopping center on Walnut @ Jeffrey (off the 5) where the 99 Ranch Market is located as well as my vet, Camino Pet Hospital.  Works in a pinch if it rains (day or night). There’s another shopping center across the street but the overhead cover as not as good if it’s raining, and lacks the ability to walk straight along the sidewalks without having to cross traffic areas-a little dangerous.

Laguna Hills – The area behind and next to Trader Joe. Lot’s of grass and walkways.

Laguna Niguel – The Von’s Shopping Center on Alicia Parkway & Pacific Park.

And my dogs’ personal pick:

Irvine Spectrum.  Lot’s of other people with dogs day and night.

For Day Time Walks ONLY
If you’re looking for a new place for great daytime walks:

The Oso Creek Trail in Mission Viejo is an incredible place to walk your dog. The road is paved or you can use the dirt trail. Not too busy on weekday mornings and the scenery is beautiful.

Wilderness Glenn Park off Los Alisos. It has some beautiful wooded areas and large oak trees.

Mission Viejo pet store recommendation

It’s the independently owned Pet Stop Warehouse located at Marguerite and Santa Marguerita Pkwy in the Ralph’s shopping center, behind Starbucks. (Shortcut-enter the shopping center from Mustang, the street that runs behind the shopping center).

The owner is knowledgeable, helpful, and generous with samples.  What I find so awesome are the interesting products that you won’t find in the major chain stores. Yesterday, I purchased a great harness I hadn’t seen anywhere else.  The inside is soft, no sharp areas to irritate my dog’s skin, and a leash, in orange to match her new harness, my favorite leash of all time.  The majority of its length is rubber tubing so neither you nor the dog is jerked. Throw it in washing machine with no problems, cleans up great.

Next, I purchased a CD called Chopin for dogs (they also have it for cats) which uses different kinds of sound that’s pleasing and calming to a dog.  When I played it at home, not only did I like it but my dog sat up and listened to it so it really was resonating for her. It’s a good tool to have, especially for times you know your pet will be frightened – when there’s lightening, fireworks, etc.

Do you have a dog that doesn’t signal you when it has to go out?  The Pet Stop Warehouse offers a product that will help you train your dog to do so with a strong ribbon type of material with bells hanging down its length that you hang from the door handle.  Easy instructions. Goal is for your dog to ring the bell when it has to relieve itself.   I had heard of this method of training before and fashioned my own ribbon adding some bells, but for a variety of reasons, didn’t work out well.  Although we’ve only started using the new strip of bells, I’m seeing some early signs of response so I’m really jazzed.

Although they have a lot of the pet food and some other merchandise you’ll see in the Petsmart’s & Petco’s, there are so many interesting products that are unique. Another example  –  dog themed quality Xmas wrapping paper, gift bags, and greeting cards.

She runs sales, and when a supplier offers her special pricing, she makes sure you benefit from it as well.

Do yourself a favor if you live in the area, go to this store instead of the chains.  You’ll appreciate it so much more, including the personalized service.

They now offer dog and puppy training classes, and will soon be hosting pet adoption events.

Phone:  949-305-0532


Mission Viejo dog park location will be discussed Jan. 19th

Come to this meeting. The public is invited to a workshop designed to gather community input regarding the location of a new dog park in Mission Viejo.  No worries if you missed the first meeting yesterday, December 10th.  There’s another one on Jan. 19th,  7 p.m. in Council Chambers.

The sites under consideration include the Lower Curtis Park area on Olympiad Road next to O’Neill Regional Park, and the Felipe-Arroyo area south of Gilleran Park and north of Fieldcrest on Felipe Road.

Residents may also mail their comments to or fax to 949-581-0795. Mission Viejo City Hall, 200 Civic Center, Mission Viejo.