Man commits suicide outside Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo

So, so sad…..1) because of the depth of his hopelessness to choose to do this; 2)  he wanted to go out making a difference, leaving a note requesting his organs be donated;  and 3) by the time his body was found on a driveway, it was too late to use any of his organs.

I didn’t realize that the types of death allowing for organ recovery are rare, according to Bryan Stewart, a spokesman for OneLegacy, which handles organ donations for more than 200 Southern California hospitals. Mr. Stewart says the donor has to be brain dead but still have a functioning heart or be on a ventilator. Once a person’s heart stops, other organs become oxygen-starved and rapidly deteriorate.

The 48-year-old man, identified as Charles Kildruff from Las Vegas, shot himself on a hospital driveway.  He was declared dead after being rushed to the emergency room.

In case they can be received, which I believe they can, I’m sending thoughts of love to Mr. Kildruff.

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