Psychic medical doctor will speak on an afterlife–Laguna Woods

afterlife cartoonWhile a young anesthesiologist, Dr. Pamela Heath began realizing that she was
psychic.  She knew what cases would be coming into the emergency room and answered people’s questions before they were spoken.

Dr. Heath sees herself as a bridge between the psychic world and science.
She will discuss her book “Handbook to the Afterlife,” looking at channeled
material that describes stages spirits go through after death.  She will also
discuss her book “Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife?”

When:     Saturday, March 5, 9:30 to 11:00 am

Where:    Laguna Woods Village, Clubhouse 7*
Cost:        $3 admission fee
For information:  Elizabeth at 949-707-1633

*Directions:  The closest cross streets are Moulton Prwy and El Toro Rd.  You’ll enter the driveway entrance to Clubhouse 7 from Moulton at the first light north of El Toro Rd.  If you’re coming from El Toro Rd, you’ll have to make a U-turn at Gate 12.  If you’ve reached Santa Maria Ave (where Polly’s Pies and Fresh and Easy are located), you’ve gone too far.  If coming from the north (ie Lake Forest Blvd) driving in the direction of El Toro, you’ll pass Santa Maria Ave and make a right turn into the driveway entrance to Clubhouse 7.

If  using the freeway, exit El Toro Road.  If coming from the south, turn left on El Toro, right on Moulton Pkwy.  If coming from the north, exit El Toro Rd, which lands you on Paseo de la Carlotta. Make a left, then near immediate right on El Toro.

7-11 at Trabuco and Los Alisos in Mission Viejo robbed this morning

Thank goodness no one was hurt.  If I were going to the bother of committing armed robbery, I would have cleaned out the whole store.  I hope it was worth it to him.  You just can’t get good entrepreneurial robbers today :).   I feel sorry for the store clerk who must have been terrified.  They didn’t mention if any customers were in the store at the time, they would have been terrified also.

Authorities are seeking a man who robbed the 7-11 at Trabuco and Los Alisos early this morning and fled with $200, cigarettes and a bottle of water.  The suspect  is described as a white male, roughly 5’10” to 5’11” tall, 160 lbs. wearing a black hoodie, black shorts, and carrying a black backpack.

Women-only entrepreneur group helps you go it alone, but together. Sit in or participate THIS THURSDAY, Tustin

business-women-meetingI’ve talked about this group, Savor the Success, several times before on this blog.  I’m a member and consider it my most important tool and resource for running my business.  This is NOT a meet & greet, exchange-business-cards type network.

Savor the Success (costs $49/mo, cancel anytime)  is a PR Co-Op and a niche social media network for women entrepreneurs both online and offline.  You may have read that the way to sell your product or service that worked even five years ago, doesn’t work today.  This is the group that helps you with the leading edge of running a business today.

Members run the range of  beginner to the seasoned, and no matter where we are, all benefit from the expertise of other members and sharing of ideas, suggestions, recommendations, and resources.  The other day, someone posted with a great place to get business cards, $45 for 500.  My order is already in.

It’s a monthly chapter mastermind meeting and an online community where you can post any business-related issue, problem, request for advice or a recommendation. You can expect to receive generous, intelligent responses from people who know. Example – someone posted recently ‘I got this letter [from the big guys], what’s the best way to respond’ and received good help.  Online there are how-to videos, PR opportunities, invaluable media lists, blogs by members with a specific expertise, and more.

Go to this link to see for yourself, SavortheSuccess/About.

You’re invited to attend this month’s meeting as a guest in Tustin, February 17th, 11am-1pm. Feel free to bring your lunch. Some do, some don’t. Call Ann Baker, the group leader, at (310) 947-1069 or email her at for address/directions and to answer any questions you may have.  You’ll find it a small-ish group,  members friendly, supportive, encouraging, and generous. Dress is anything from very casual on up, but the meeting is structured and run professionally.  Come with a pressing issue we can help you with, or just sit back and take it all in.

Bravo TV seeking hip LA-area businesses for new reality series. DEADLINE 2/14 at 5pm!!

Posting this exciting media query put out today:

New series seeking hip LA businesses

Name: Bill Hinkle     (Bravo TV)


Media Outlet: Bravo TV

Deadline: 05:00 PM EST – 14 February


BRAVO and MERV GRIFFIN ENTERTAINMENT are looking for companies
and business owners who are in search of the brightest, sharpest,
and smartest talent to help take their business to the next level
for a ground breaking new unscripted series. IF YOU OWN YOUR OWN
DESIGN WORLD we may offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to
work with a world-renowned, exclusive headhunter. Interested
candidates should have current job openings within their
companies but could be doing informational interviews for the
potential of future employment.

Placement on the show could give companies national exposure. Contact
for details. Companies must be based in the Los Angeles area.

If you’re a loving baby-cuddler, volunteer to rock at-risk babies

Cuddling BabyThere’s nothing more up my alley than cuddling a baby, whether it be human, puppy or kitten. It just does something for me like nothing else, and satisfies that deep, primal maternal instinct I’ve had since I was a toddler.

Perhaps you have cuddling skills and love that you would like to share.  You can make a life-long difference in a child’s future by volunteering a little of your time to love babies back to health.

A fetus will have approximately 100 billion neurons in their brain, however these neurons are meaningless until after birth when the environment they are exposed to will influence their brain development.

The infant needs to be exposed to stimulation and social interaction to enable their brains to develop. Mothers with certain difficulties are compromised in how they are able to provide stimulation and how they are able to interact with infants, thus influencing how their baby’s brain will develop.

There’s a wonderful information party planned on Sunday, February 13th from 2-4pm at Tapestry, a Unitarian Universalist Congregation at 23436 Madero, Suite 140 in Mission Viejo.   You’re invited to attend.

Please RSVP to Penny at so she will know for how many to plan.  You may also email her with questions.

Also, please share this with all your Facebook friends!  You never know who might be touched moved and inspired.