Does consciousness survive death? A can’t-miss program 2/5/11, Laguna Woods

brain/consciousnessThe International Foundation for Survival Research of Laguna Hills is devoted to providing public information, without interpretation, regarding experiences and research related to life beyond death.  They sponsor the popular Life After Life club of Laguna Woods Village.  Their February 5th meeting, open to the public,  promises to be fascinating for people interested in this topic.

Boston medium Joanne Gerber will be giving “spot readings” to audience members.  Joanne has been studied by the Veritas Research Program at the University of Arizona, which tests the hypothesis that the consciousness of a person survives physical death.  She’s also been studied by the prestigious Windbridge Research Institute, an independent research organization consisting of  scientists with varied backgrounds, specialties and interests,  investigating what our bodies, minds, and spirits are capable of, and how that information can best serve living things.

Joanne will be giving “spot” readings to members of the audience.  She’ll also be offering private and group sessions in the Laguna area.  For more information, you can reach Joanne at  781-883-5403.

Also at this event, Robert and Phran Ginsberg from New York will speak.  After their son died, the Ginsberg’s started the Forever Family Foundation in part to provide a forum where individuals and families who have suffered the loss of a loved one can turn to for support, information, and hope provided by ongoing research into the survival of consciousness.  They are co-hosts of the Foundation’s radio show, “Signs of Life.”

The program will be followed with wine, hors d’oeuvres, and dessert.

When:  Saturday, Feb. 5. 2011, 1:30pm to 4pm

Where:  Laguna Woods Village,  CLUBHOUSE 7*

Cost:      $15, payable in advance by January 28. (Mail check, payable to Life After Life Club, to 848 Ronda Mendoza, Unit P, Laguna Woods, CA 92637.  For info, call Elizabeth at 949-707-1633.

*Directions:  The closest cross streets are Moulton Prwy and El Toro Rd.  You’ll enter the driveway entrance to Clubhouse 7 from Moulton at the first light north of El Toro Rd.  If you’re coming from El Toro Rd, you’ll have to make a U-turn at Gate 12.  If you’ve reached Santa Maria Ave (where Polly’s Pies and Fresh and Easy are located), you’ve gone too far.  If coming from the north (ie Lake Forest Blvd) driving in the direction of El Toro, you’ll pass Santa Maria Ave and make a right turn into the driveway entrance to Clubhouse 7.

If  using the freeway, exit El Toro Road.  If coming from the south, turn left on El Toro, right on Moulton Pkwy.  If coming from the north, exit El Toro Rd, which lands you on Paseo de la Carlotta. Make a left, then near immediate right on El Toro. For more information, call Elizabeth at 949-707-1633.

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