Revealing my wonderful handyman

Daniel, the handyman

Don't let him kid you. His hair is all gray!

Yes, I love to share resources – that’s apparent from this blog.  But I was worried about sharing info about my handyman, Daniel, a licensed contractor, because I had visions of having to wait weeks for him to be available.  Can you blame me?  He’s on time, has fixed every problem I’ve handed him, he’s organized and neat when he works, and his hourly rates are extremely reasonable.

On the personal side, he’s a family man, somewhat urbane, quiet, gentle and kind. My two little dogs took to him instantly and kept trying to sit in his lap when he was working.  Spanish is his native language, and his English could stand improvement, but somehow, all gets communicated and the job gets done just fine.

He works all of south OC, Mondays through Saturdays.  Here’s a quick list of work he does:

Plumbing (doesn’t install water heaters)


Painting (no more than one room at a time)+ touch up jobs

Carpentry (small jobs, no flooring)

Installs shelving

Repairs tile, walls, doors, shower doors, window and sliding glass door frames, gates, patio covers, water damage to bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors.

Installs lights, fans

and if it’s not listed here, ask him!

Daniel Tena, Ant Tena Handyman, Contractor’s License #953341

Cell ph:  949-485-8458 , Home ph:  949-365-1085

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