Easy MiniFarmBox™ and grow your own vegetables-awesome!

MiniFarmBox4x4Besides saving water, a MinifarmBox™ optimizes soil drainage and aeration, giving your plants more root space. You’ll grow bigger plants with bigger crops – up to twice the yield of regular ground planting. The MiniFarmBox™ is a cedar raised bed, tool-free assembly in minutes, gets less weeds, extremely termite and rot resistant, and lasts a minimum and 10-15 years untreated.  I live in a condo….but I want one (whining)!

Watch how quick and easy it is to assemble.

The MiniFarmBox™ is available locally at one of my favorite places, Living Green Nursery, on Jeronimo between El Toro and Ridge Route.

Click here for lots more information.

Living Green Nursery, 25290 Jeronimo Road, Lake Forest, CA 92630-4900. Phone: 949-768-4733.

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