Affordable Vet Who’s Actually Good? Apparently so.

Affordable vet, Laguna HillsDr. Maged Kerolos purchased Affordable Spay and Neuter (ASN) from Dr. Wheaton last year, who went on to open Alicia Pet Care.   Unlike under Dr. Wheaton’s ownership, ASN is now a full service veterinary practice.  You can find them in the shopping center where Big Lot is located on Alicia just west of the 5.

I have to reveal I haven’t yet had an opportunity to bring either of my dogs to Dr. Kerolos, but their medical records are being sent from my old vet to Dr. Kerolos as we speak. Why? When I was at the shopping center the other day, I decided stop in to talk to the staff and get a feel for the place.

I was immediately greeted by a friendly young woman.  I asked about the doctor and a few other questions.  Scott, the office manager, came to join the conversation and was helpful and informative as well.  I asked about prices (really affordable, i.e. office visit, $40).  What convinced me to make the switch was a customer who was there waiting for her dog.   She heard my questions and said to me, I’m a nurse at Mission Hospital and I know about health care delivery.  Dr. Kerolos is excellent, very thorough, explains everything, doesn’t make you feel rushed.  She has 3 dogs she brings there, and said due to her recommendation, many Mission Hospital employees are bringing their pets to Dr. Kerolos as well.  She added that Scott was also excellent as a resource and tech, in fact, all the staff are good.

That’s what I needed to hear.  I’ll keep you posted on my actual experiences with ASN over time.

Here’s a link to ASN Testimonials. Note that some of the earlier entries were written while under Dr. Wheaton’s ownership.

They’re located at 24861 Alicia Pkway, Suite D, Laguna Hills, CA  92653; Ph 949-768-1314.

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