Ark of San Juan Cap Animal Rescue-If you can’t adopt, please foster a furbaby, they need your help desperately

2 y/o Pomeranian up for adoption or fosterThe Ark is overflowing! They have no shelter and must depend on foster homes for their animals. They’re having to board some of their animals at Veterinary offices at a huge expense. This is money that could be used to maintain a rescue center, and you know  how frightened these guys are anyway without having to be boarded. I’d take one in a New York minute, and want to SO much, but I’m up to my Condo’s HOA limit.

This little guy is 2 year old Charlie. The Rescue says he’s a wonderful little boy who loves to talk. (LOL! So does one of mine, and always has to have the last word!).  He gets along with other dogs and would do well in a home with another dog as a companion.

Ark of San Juan Capistrano Animal Rescue

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