Local organic farm has added Wednesday drop off location in Mission Viejo on Via Fabricante with boxes of fruits and vegetables

Many small family farms are going directly to the local food supporter in the form of a weekly subscription basket.  Customers get truly local, ‘just harvested’ freshness.  Product in a grocery store is often 14 days old and has, on average traveled 1500 miles, losing nutrition and flavor along the way, not to mention increasing air pollution and fossil fuel consumption.  Having your organic fruit and vegetables harvested and delivered directly from a local farm provides a fresher, tastier alternative.

Other benefits include a greater variety of selection, preserving farmland and open space, and keeping money within the local economy.

As a member of Morning Song Organic Farm‘s subscription service, a weekly package of fresh fruit and vegetables is delivered in several drop off locations in south OC. The closest to Saddleback Valley is at Mission Viejo’s Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center at 24002 Via Fabricante. The service is available to the general public as part of the facility’s wellness outreach. However, people don’t have to be patients and can simply drop by the facility, fill out a Morning Song Farm agreement and their box of fruits and veggies will be available for pick-up on Wednesday afternoons.

Find out more about the service by calling 949-454-8811.

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