One-time free opportunity this Wednesday for OC women entrepreneurs-bring your biggest challenge or question for brainstorming by other entrepreneurs for solutions, ideas, resources, help

Clear your calendar for Wednesday, July 14th, 10:30am-12:30pm.  This is a one-time free opportunity for women entrepreneurs in Orange County to bring their most immediate business challenge or question to the Orange County chapter mastermind meeting of Savor the Success, a public relations co-op and niche social media network for women entrepreneurs both online and offline.   Each attendee will have a turn for 7-10 minutes to explain what they’re working on and what they want or need to happen in their business over the next month or year, receiving the full attention and creative brainstorming power of the group focused on their business.

This is a diverse group of women of all ages at different stages of  building their businesses.  You’ll find them supportive and generous with their information and help.  Everyone benefits from these meetings.

You can also read my article about Savor the Success on my other blog, RobinBarrBuzz.

We meet in Tustin. If you’d like to attend, contact Ann Baker, the group leader, at, or by phone at 213-785-8835.  Ann owns Publicity Pros, specializing in PR for small business.

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