Enjoy a Stroll, Meditate, or Walk A Labrinyth at the Beautiful Campus of Unity Church in Tustin

This is a hidden find I only happened to learn about when attending a non-religious Prana Meditation Workshop.

The campus is beautiful and all are welcome to stroll through the gardens 7 days a week, stop at any of the numerous meditation inlets, each with its own pond or fountain.  Click HERE for virtual tour of the campus.

It also has a labyrinth , which you enter and walk around, for some, to help quiet the mind.  Click HERE for an explanation of  how others benefit from it,  and the origins of labyrinths. It’s interesting.

The wonderful, whimsical children’s garden and play area.  Click HERE.

Although at its core, Unity Church is Christian-based, it defines itself as non-denominational. You don’t find any proselytizing or dogma there.

Dogs on a leash are welcome to walk the grounds also.

Location:  14402 S. Prospect Ave. Tustin, CA 92780

Phone 714-730-3444

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