If you like frozen yogurt, you must go to Frapy’s.

If you prefer premium frozen yogurt, and even better, at $.35/oz and 24 flavors to choose from, go to this coffee bar style yogurt shop on Fabricante, which is one block West of Jeronimo off of Alicia Parkway. Creamy, delicious flavor. My two favorite are Vanilla Gelato and Chocolate Kiss Gelato. Magnifique! Golden Spoon is more expensive for what I find is inferior yogurt. Frapy’s also has flavored coffees and muffins. In fact, new for the decadent, they offer a plain vanilla or chocolate, semi sweet muffin for the purpose of adding to your yogurt. It absorbs the flavor of the yogurt, with the texture of the muffin – oh my gosh, I want one right now! Must mention how clean and calm the place is. Easy, quick stop off if you often travel Alicia, Los Alisos, Jeronimo or Muirlands. It’s located closest to Alicia, just past Rubio’s and Italian deli which both recently opened at Fabricante and Alicia. Open til 11pm everyday.

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